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Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment at Trinity Lutheran Church


We do not have any positions open at the moment.

Ask Gene: Resume and job interview assistance

Gene Ecker has a passion for helping job seekers overcome many of the common pitfalls all of us face during the job search process. He has over 30 years of human resource experience with  a large international corporation, and has encountered many job applicants – some successful, some not. He has done extensive job search coaching and counseling since his retirement, focusing on how to be a winning contender for a job. 
Although there are several essentials to a successful career transition, Gene feels preparing a good resume and getting ready for the interview are critical to insure success. He considers a “Play to Win Philosophy” is nothing more than convincing the employer that you are the one to hire.

Please contact Jody Thone via email or ext. 119 to sign up for a meeting time.