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Children's Learning

Scope & Sequence


Sunday School begins October 2nd in the Trinity Garden Room from 9-10am

Preschool through 2nd Grade Plan:
The curriculum for 4 years – 2nd grade will follow a more traditional Sunday School pattern and include singing, foundational Bible Stories with coordinating crafts and/or activities, weekly offerings, and prayers including the Lord’s Prayer, meal and bedtime prayers.  Partnership with parents will be very important and the congregation will be blessed every time these children share their songs and learning experiences in Worship.

Preschool through 2nd Grade Outcomes:
Each child knows they are a beloved and special child of God and has experienced some of what that means through the words and actions of their leaders, songs, stories, and activities.  The basic concept of prayer and God being everywhere has begun to be grasped by the children and integrated into their homes and everyday lives.  And from the experience of greeting at a Trinity Worship Service, bringing weekly offerings, and observing the actions of their parents, a beginning knowledge of stewardship has been born. 

2nd Grade Additional Plan – Incorporation of The Sacrament of Holy Communion
2nd grade students and their parents will meet separately throughout the year to prepare for the Celebration of Holy Communion (sometimes referred to as First Communion) scheduled for April 13, 2017, at 7:00pm Maundy Thursday Service.

October 16th – 10-11:45am in the Bible Room – 10 Commandment Movie
*November 13th – 10-11:30am in the Trinity Kitchen – Bake Communion Bread
*January 29th– 10-11:30am in the Trinity Kitchen – Bake Communion Bread
February 12th – 10-11:30am in the Bible Room – Make Special Project
April 2nd – 10-11:30am in the Bible Room – Communion Instruction and Rehearsal
April 13th – Celebration of Communion!  - 7:00pm Maundy Thursday Service

*Need attend only one of these two bread baking events.


Youth & Confirmation Learning begins Sept. 28th from 6:15-7:30pm

3/4 Bible 101 Plan:
Grades 3 & 4 will meet together on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30pm.  Curriculum will be rotated with “A” and “B” years. Students will receive a NRSV Bible and taught how to navigate it as well as basic history and understanding of how the Bible came to be.  And through song, they will memorize the order of all 66 books of the Bible. Students will be given encouragement and opportunity to creatively help make Bible Stories come alive through a variety of mediums. Weekly offerings will be taken for a specific cause related to Bibles.

3/4 Bible 101 Outcomes: 
Students have an appreciation for the Bible and feel mastery and confidence that they know how it is structured and how to navigate in it.  They have tasted the content of the Bible and they want to read more about the love stories of a faithful God through the lens of many who experienced that love.  Through study of stories, characters and overall themes from the Bible, as well as relationships with their peers and leaders, students have personally experienced God’s love.  And through intentional practices, they have grown as stewards of their time, energy and resources.

5/6 BOC Plan:
Grades 5 & 6 will meet together on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30pm.  Curriculum will be rotated with “A” and “B” years.  The curriculum will include the Apostles Creed, Worship 101, and Stewardship 101. Students will also learn how God created them as a unique, integral member of the body of Christ.  They will identify their stewardship style and be given opportunities to use these strengths for the good of their class, the church and the larger community. Bible stories will be incorporated and weekly offerings taken.

5/6 BOC Outcomes: 
Students know the Apostles Creed and use it as a point of reference along their lifelong “what I believe” journey. Through use of various assessment tools and intentional practices, they have begun to figure out how they best express their beliefs through worship, generous giving and everyday living. Through study of Bible stories/characters as well as relationships with their peers and leaders, students have grown in confidence and excitement regarding their important role as members of the Trinity & broader Body of Christ. 

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Wednesday Night Pizza (in the Garden Room)

Enjoy the ease of Wednesday Pizza Night for children and their families. From 5:30-6:15 p.m., families are invited to enjoy a budget-friendly menu of pizza, salad, cookies, carrots and  fruit. Enjoy the fellowship of other families and children in an evening of faith-learning opportunities.