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Trinity Missions Alumni Association

To represent, serve, and inspire current and future alumni in support of Trinity Missions to Love, Transform, and Serve.

To create a future where alumni celebrate and actively pass along their personal gratitude, Trinity’s rich mission heritage and their enthusiasm to the next generation.

• Increase community visibility of Trinity Missions
• Increase the number of annual mission hours
• Create a Mission Endowment Fund

How do I qualify to join the association?
• If you have served a minimum of 40 hours in a Trinity-sponsored local and/or global mission experience, you are a member.

Together, alumni can:
• Celebrate and actively live out Trinity Missions
• Interact with and enroll the next generation
• Engage continuously beyond their mission experience
• Increase community visibility of mission opportunities
• Increase Mission participation

Welcome! We look forward to hearing your mission stories and enjoying your photos at our gatherings.