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"Living in Gratitude" Treasures on New Website

By Michele Hermansen, 06/03/13, 1:00PM CDT


Gratitude is a lifelong process of trusting God’s abundance by opening our hearts to the generous and loving God who dwells in us, surrounds us and works through us. When we immerse ourselves in a life of gratitude and allow generosity to become the natural expression of our gratitude, we are transformed as is the world around us.

In 2007, our congregation formed the first Gratitude Team to lead us in nurturing a culture of gratitude.  Over these years, a rich collection of resources on gratitude and generosity has been developed.

I encourage you to become familiar with these treasures that are now collected in the “Living in Gratitude” section of Trinity’s revised website. I hope it is a resource you will delve into and return to day after day for inspiration and growth. This month I’m going to provide some highlights of the “Living in Gratitude” collection and how it is organized.

“Living in Gratitude” is located under the CONNECT main tab on the Trinity website home page. Our section has three main sub-sections:  Our Stories, Tools for Daily Living, and Inspiring Gratitude in Families.

Within Our Stories is a collection of just that – inspiring stories of love and gratitude that have been shared in print, video and audio over the last five years starting with the 2009 Tapestry of Gratitude publication.
We have included all of the two-minute vignettes of This Stewardship Life shared during worship this year and, if you’ve never heard Gary Langness talk about what he learned from his mother in “The Gift of a Generous Heart” video, don’t wait another day.

The Tools for Daily Living is a growing library you can turn to again and again. There are copies of all the related Trinity Today articles going back to October 2009. As you think about gifts for graduations or just sharing within your family, there is a wonderful list of books, many of which can be checked out from Trinity’s Library.  We also shared our favorite external web sites, including sources for daily devotions and inspiration.

The section Inspiring Gratitude in Families has ideas for developing traditions that cultivate gratitude and generosity of spirit.  This section will continue to grow also.

Our goal is to make resources accessible in a way that makes navigation fast and easy and encourages people of all ages to come back regularly for heart and soul food and practical tools on this lifelong journey of gratitude.

Please email me with your questions, feedback and suggestions as we continue to enhance this online resource at

Generous and loving God, thank you for the warm embrace of this community who accepts us as we are and shares the joy and peace of trusting your abundance.   Help us to live each day as stewards of your generous love.  Amen.