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9th Grade Confirmation

Scope & Sequence

9th Grade Confirmation Plan
9th grade will meet on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30 p.m.  This year, our focus is on Lutheran Tradition and Theology, World Religions, and Strengths.  While seemingly separate topics, all of these areas will be woven together throughout the year, building upon one another to help students understand God and themselves in a new, meaningful way. We will be following a curriculum developed by Spark House Publishing called Colaborate. Additionally, we will be utilizing materials from Lutheran Social Services, the Minnesota Council of Churches, StrengthsQuest, and Augsburg College Campus Ministries. Near the end of the year, students will create a stole to wear at the Affirmation of Baptism Service and complete a project that represents their beliefs and faith journey at this point in their lives.

9th Grade Confirmation Outcomes
Building on the biblical knowledge that each student has gained over the past two years, by the end of the 9th grade year, students will have an understanding of the Lutheran tradition and how the history and theology of that tradition impacts their faith journey today. Students will also have an understanding of other Christian denominations, as well as world religions, all of which impact their understanding of God and their interactions and relationships with people of other faith traditions.  Students will also know their top five strengths as assessed by StrengthsQuest and will be able to articulate how those strengths intersect with the needs of the world.

Confirmation Day 2018 for our 9th grade learners will be Sunday, April 29 at 2 PM in the Worship Center at Trinity.

Contact Kelsey Cruisnberry for more details