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Missions Board

The creation of Trinity's Missions Board was approved during a special meeting of the Congregational Council on Feb. 16, 2015.  

The Resolution of the Missions Board states:

Trinity Lutheran Church of Stillwater, Minnesota, is dedicated to its mission to Love Everyone, Transform Lives through Jesus and Serve the World.

Trinity’s ministry encompasses a culture of passion for local, national, and global mission, with a long and rich history of involvement in missions in many areas, including hunger relief, natural disaster assistance, economic development, and community assistance.

As part of its stewardship of ministry programs and the human and capital resources devoted to these ministries, a missions board is established for the purpose of coordination and oversight of Trinity’s mission ministry outside the congregation as follows:

1. The missions board shall report to the Trinity Congregational Council. The board shall have general coordination and oversight responsibilities for all missions ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church.

2. The council shall appoint a chair and at least six and up to ten members of the Congregation who are not Trinity staff to serve on the board for terms of three years. Initial terms will be one two or three years to provide continuity. Board members may serve up to two full terms. The missions director shall be an ex officio nonvoting member of the board. The missions board shall meet on a regular basis. Meetings shall be open to the congregation unless the board determines it is necessary to meet in executive session.

3. The secretary of the congregation shall serve as council liaison to the board.



Renae Oswald-Anderson


Phone: 651-387-1612

4. The board shall:

a. Evaluate the current missions endeavors of Trinity Lutheran Church and help guide Trinity’s investments of resources in missions.

b. Provide guidance to the missions staff in evaluating and prioritizing proposed new missions projects.

c. Articulate the goals of Trinity’s missions activities, including the intended benefits for those served as well as missions activities participants.

d. Define the relationship between Trinity’s missions activities and those of the Saint Paul Area Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

e. Help tell the story of Trinity’s missional partnerships and nurture these relationships.

f. Help develop needed resources to assure continuity of strong and growing missions work at Trinity into the future.

g. Ensure appropriate accountability of financial and personnel resources involved in Trinity’s missions activities.

h. Develop and implement policies and procedures applicable to missions efforts and participants, subject to review by the congregational council.

i. Report periodically to the congregational council and congregation regarding Trinity’s missions activities, and may recommend changes to the congregational council regarding the missions board charter.