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Global Missions

Mission Tanzania


When you plant a seedling you’re never sure how fast it will grow, or what shape it
will branch into and what growth obstacles it will need to overcome.

Mission Tanzania is such a seedling, but a few short years after its planting, Mission Tanzania has grown in many unexpected and wonderful ways, and will continue to do so with your support and enthusiasm.

Our projects at the school have included:
• Electricity and water systems for the 400 students have been partially installed with a new 400-foot deep well.
• Work on the first set of boy’s & girl’s dormitories is complete.
• The first of seven new staff duplexes is nearly completed.
• The multi-purpose hall & kitchen are used every day for classes and meals.
• The administration and teacher preparation building is complete.
• The foundation has been laid for a new science laboratory.
• The first building of four new classrooms is up and waiting for a roof to be built.
• Sustainable plots for growing corn, beans and vegetables are underway as is a pine tree farm for lumber production. Land has been designated for an orchard of fruit trees with the end goal of helping the school become self-sufficient.

Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico: Sr. High Mission/Adult Mission Trip

Trinity's rich Mexico Mission experience began in 1985 and continues to provide a meaningful experience for our youth and adults each year.

In the 30 years Trinity has been sending youth and adults to this area, they have have forged deep relationships that continue to this day. You now have the opportunity to travel the same streets as missionaries from years past. You can meet their friends and inspect their handiwork. We spend the week serving our friends, learning about the culture and cuisine of the Mayan civilization, and enjoying recreational opportunities in the surrounding area.

Guatemala Mission Trip

Over the past several years Trinity has cultivated a partnership with the community of Santiago Toliman on the shores of Lake Atitlan. In this partnership we have the opportunity to assist in building a new hospital and develop a medical mission program. We will need team members with a wide variety of skills, and those that are willing to learn new skills as the project unfolds over the next three years. Each trip will include some medical opportunities at the temporary hospital. For more information and project updates, please contact Dr. Kevin Bjork via email.