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Care Ministries


We care about you and can help with life’s realities.

  • We understand that life can be difficult.
  • God is present wherever you are in life.
  • God’s love is experienced through people caring for one another.
  • We can help you explore your challenges in a spiritual context without judgment.

We can connect you with people and resources that can help.

We provide support for:

  • Health issues -- Medical challenges, mental health, addictions, disabilities, aging and dying, etc.
  • Major life changes -- Birth, adoption, parenting, grief, marriage and divorce, etc.
  • Life stresses -- employment, relocation, finances, care-giving, sexual identity, etc.

You determine what you want:  information, visits, consultations, support groups, outside referrals, prayer, etc.

The resources we provide are credible and confidential.

  • The leaders of care ministries are well-trained.
  • Our support groups are designed to provide quality care in a confidential environment.
  • We provide referrals to professionals in the community.


For general questions, please contact Pastor Deb Ost.

For care needs, please contact the church —day or night— at 651.439.7400. If you get a recording, listen carefully and follow the instructions to contact one of our pastors.