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Mission Tanzania

Mission Tanzania: Continuing to Build Great Things

When you plant a seedling you’re never sure how fast it will grow, or what shape it
will branch into and what growth obstacles it will need to overcome.

Mission Tanzania is such a seedling, but a few short years after its planting, Mission Tanzania has grown in many unexpected and wonderful ways, and will continue to do so with your support and enthusiasm.

Over the years our projects have included:
• Electricity and water systems for the 400 students have been partially installed with a new 400-foot deep well.
• Work on the first set of boy’s & girl’s dormitories is complete.
• The first of seven new staff duplexes is nearly completed.
• The multi-purpose hall & kitchen are used every day for classes and meals.
• The administration and teacher preparation building is complete.
• The foundation has been laid for a new science laboratory.
• The first building of four new classrooms is up and waiting for a roof to be built.
• Sustainable plots for growing corn, beans and vegetables are underway as is a pine tree farm for lumber production. Land has been designated for an orchard of fruit trees with the end goal of helping the school become self-sufficient.

We are in need of your financial support for:
• Annual scholarships ($400 per student)
• Building materials (bricks, sand, stone, cement, pipe, water tanks, electrical supplies)

To make a donation (any amount is appreciated) or for further information please contact: Michele Hermansen via email.


Trinity became the companion congregation of Mwatasi Lutheran Church in 2002. Since then, Trinity has contributed matching funds to help build a new church and establish remote preaching points. One unexpected outgrowth of this relationship has been the water project. Trinity has helped establish a water system that now delivers clean, safe water to Mwatasi and two adjoining villages.

The wonderfully inspiring tradition of worshipping with our Mwatasi brothers and sisters during the course of each mission trip continues on all of our trips.

Mwatasi Companion Congregation


This secondary school, located five miles from Mwatasi, has become an important focus of Mission Tanzania. In 2008, members of Trinity began helping install a water system to provide clean water for the 400 students at the school and install poles for the electrical system and foundations for new buildings. Both Trinity mission groups spent a substantial amount of time at the school in 2008 helping to move these initiatives along. The first group helped complete the electrical system.

In 2009, this group also continued work on the boys dorm, pouring floors, finishing walls and building windows. Subsequent groups have helped build dormitories and classrooms.

Arusha Lutheran Hospital & Selian Hospital

Selian Lutheran Hospital and Arusha Lutheran Medical Center in northern Tanzania is supported in part by contributions from Trinity and other Lutheran churches and continues to serve over 50,000 patients a year. Both facilities work with local residents afflicted with Malaria, AIDS, TB and bone deformities.

Arusha Lutheran Hospital, a three-floor, 120-bed hospital opened its doors in 2008. The driving force behind all three facilities is Dr. Mark Jacobson, a native of Stillwater who grew up as a member of Trinity. More information on this remarkable story can be found at By volunteering their time, talents, financial support, and prayers members of Trinity continue to nourish the rapidly-growing tree of Mission Tanzania.

Arusha Lutheran Hospital

Selian Hospital


Please contact Michele Hermansen for more information at or 612-868-2255. Michele is leading the Tanzania Sub-Committee of the Missions Board.