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Real Estate Assets Task Force



CHARTER February 2016

The purpose of this charter is to create a Real Estate Assets Task Force to assist our congregation in evaluating how Trinity’s real properties relate to Trinity’s mission and vision, based on input received through the Transition Team process and from the congregation.  The task force also will consider the current value, liquidity, advantages and any challenges associated with each of the real estate assets listed below. The team will consist of up to 6 members, including one member each from the congregational council, Finance Team, Transition Team, and a ministry representative.  We expect that the results of this work will be completed by late fall; the task force will make recommendations to the congregational council and will make a report to the congregation at the next annual meeting in November.

  • The following properties will be evaluated:
    1. Croix Center
    2. Drive-In Site (Houlton, WI)
    3. Current parking lot (4th street)
    4. Former Post Office building lot

The task force may also assist with the potential sale of the property at 3rd St. and Myrtle.

NOTE:  The congregational council has initiated due diligence needed to consider the sale of Trinity’s property at 3rd Street and Myrtle. Sale of any real estate owned by Trinity is subject to the approval of the congregation.

Task Force members will be appointed by the congregational council. It is expected the group will meet on an “as needed basis,” but most likely monthly. We invite you to prayerfully consider your interest in participation on the Task Force and whether you are able to devote the time, energy and collaborative approach needed.  Applications are available to download or in the church office, and should be forwarded to Eric Olsen, Congregational Council secretary by March 13, 2016.