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Children's Learning

2017-18 Faith Formation for Pre K – Grade 2

Pre K – Grade 2 will meet on Sundays from 9-10am in the Trinity Garden Room.  The first session is October 1st. 


  • Learn foundational Bible Stories (Old & New Testament)
  • Re-emphasize Bible Story theme through crafts and/or activities.
  • Praise God through music
  • Connect with God through prayer (will include The Lord’s Prayer)
  • Experience God’s Love through relationships with greeters, ministry leaders, small group leaders, peers, pastors, other adults.
  • Respond to God through gratitude practices and weekly offerings.
  • Worship God through participation in monthly family worship services.
  • Serve the Trinity Body of Christ by helping greet or usher (with your family) at Trinity worship services.

2nd Grade – Whenever possible, these older students will move to another room after music and their lesson and craft/activity will honor their advanced maturity.


We encourage children to begin learning how to share their resources by bringing an offering each Sunday morning.  Even at this young age, we believe they will find joy and purpose in being part of something bigger than themselves. Half of this offering is given to Trinity “because we are grateful for our church and want to help support it” and the other half to the Food Shelf of Valley Outreach “because our tummies have enough food and feel full and happy but some people’s tummies feel hungry and sad, so we share what we have.”  Make opportunities to visit with your child about giving from their allowances and/or gifts of money rather than always pulling it out of your pocket/purse.  “When you share with others, you still have enough for yourself.  That’s how faith and God work.  Give it a try and see for yourself.”  (Giving is faith forming.)

Other faith-forming stewardship is through our time and talents.  See the “Family Volunteer Opportunities” tab.

2017-18 Instruction for the Sacrament of Holy Communion

Trinity encourages communion instruction in 2nd grade, but welcomes 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students also.  A parent, God-parent or grandparent is required to accompany the student participants.  There is no fee for this instruction.

Choose the retreat that works for your family, register online, and save the date:
Sunday, March 4th – 1:00 - 4:00pm   OR   Saturday, March 10th – 9:00am - noon

These retreats will include:

  • Bake communion bread with Susan Carr.
  • Make wood keepsake box with Spike Carlsen.
  • Learn about the sacrament of Holy Communion with Julie Jolivette and one of the Trinity pastors. 
  • Rehearse details of Celebration of Holy Communion (first communion), which is scheduled at the 7pm Maundy Thursday Worship Service, March 29, 2018.
  • The three hours will fly by as we have fun interacting and learning together!
  • We are not able to offer childcare for younger siblings during these retreats. Thank you for securing your own arrangements.

NOTE:  Celebration of Holy Communion Service (first communion) is March 29, 2018, 7:00pm

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