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Make love your aim!

All Saints Day 2009
We remember with love and gratitude the saints in our lives who have died. They are with us all the time—in our hearts and in our thoughts. We journey together on the common ground of God’s love.

Saints are alive today as well. We are a connected, related people, all dependent on each other. We meet on the common ground of God’s love. God works through each of us, bestowing grace upon grace and transforming lives along this journey that we share. When we contemplate God’s abundant blessings in our lives, we usually think first of the people we love.

There are saints in our tomorrows. We pray earnestly, hearts already overflowing with love and gratitude, for babies yet to be born who will transform our lives forever. We journey together, generation after generation, on the common ground of God’s love.

For reflection, discussion, action, and prayer this week:

• Read I Corinthians 13:4-7. How do these words speak to you?
• Who do you see practicing and reflecting God’s love?
• How has the love of your family and friends made a difference in your life?
• For whom are you grateful and why? In whom have you glimpsed the face of God? Thank those people in creative and personal ways. Honor those people by creatively sharing or passing on the blessings that you have received. Thank God every day for all the saints.

Grateful Hearts: Pray with a grateful heart about God’s abundance in your life. Our central and eternal relationship with God is sustained by our relationships with each other.

Generous Lives: “Generosity is rooted in the rich soil of relatedness.” (Henri Nouwen) Imagine how you can participate more deeply in our community of faith that loves everyone, experiences the transforming power of Jesus, and serves the world, thus deepening your own journey.