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Learn more about the Bible

The Bible Statement

This Bible statement reflects what we understand and teach about the Bible and is a starting point for great conversations about the Bible in our congregation.
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The Bible’s core message is one of love and compassion. 

On the Enter the Bible website you will find a wealth of resources to help you grow in your faith, add depth to your Bible studies and truly discover the people, places and events of the Bible. Think of Enter the Bible as your guide, a helpful reference tool to accompany you in your reading of the Bible.

Making Sense of Scripture

In Making Sense of Scripture, David Lose invites the reader to engage in a conversation, one that he imagines discussing around his kitchen table, about seven major questions of the Bible. More than a standard biblical reference book, Making Sense of Scripture is a dialogue that encourages readers to bring their questions or doubts to the table when reading Scripture. During this conversation, there are different opportunities for the reader to interact with the Bible, ultimately leaving room for personal transformation of the heart and mind.

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