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Characteristics of Vibrant Stewards

Vibrant Stewards...

1. Trust God’s abundance

  • We embody an attitude of gratitude and generosity.
  • We believe we are called and freed to be caretakers of all that we are and have.

2. Ground ourselves in biblical and theological principles

  • We believe in God as creator, and Jesus as role model and redeemer.
  • We listen to and interpret all of scripture with an ear for stewardship themes.

3. Hold a holistic perspective

  • We steward our whole lives including our time, energy, wisdom, bodies, money and other resources.
  • We integrate our faith into our whole lives.

4. Accept interdependence

  • We ground ourselves in God’s presence.
  • We nurture an attitude of loving kindness toward all of God’s creation.

5. Promote justice

  • We seek to understand the impact of social systems and structures.
  • We align our decisions and actions to work toward universal peace and justice.

6. Embrace financial health as an expression of faith

  • We allow money to flow to and through our lives in ways that nourish us and our world.
  • We recognize that our capacity to give is defined by our heart, not our pocketbook.